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St Peters Elworth, a church in the diocese of Chester
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St Peter's Elworth
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Following recent meetings it has been decided to pursue the two-phase replacement option. This option had the support of 93% of those who returned forms and can be viewed in detail here. For more information please talk to a member of the PCC.

We thought that it would be a good idea to collect some thoughts about the Church Hall, so we would like people to send us their memories, stories and recollections of times spent in the building and the surroundings, either when it was a school or in more recent times being used for other activities.  We hope that there will be enough stories and pictures to publish as a book later in the year to raise funds.  Whether you have a story or memory from 60 years ago or more recently please send them by e-mail to : <> or by post to : Revd David Page, The Vicarage, 2 Taxmere Close, Elworth CW11 1WT
On Monday February 1st, the Church Hall was gutted by fire.  The fire started about 10.30pm and was eventually put out  at about 2am.  The Fire Brigade and the police did all that they could to save the building.  However, the damage was extensive.  A large area of the roof has been destroyed, significant areas of floor, ceiling and walls have been damaged and almost all of the internal fittings and contents have been consumed by fire or damaged by water or smoke. Thankfully nobody was hurt.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation but the Insurance Company have given us an indication of the cost of the options going forward.
Facebook Group

We now have a facegroup group to keep everyone informed as to progress with the development of the replacement hall and if any help is required. If you are so minded you can also follow us on Twitter. On Facebook, search for "St. Peter's Church Hall, Elworth" and Twitter "ElworthHall".
Church Hall Gift Day

There was an opportunity to help in the Gift Day for the new Church Hall on Sunday 26th September. An update on the day can be found here. To see a promotional DVD click here. We need to raise just a little more to complete the first phase of the building. Donate via and search for Elworth. Pleasemake cheques payable to "St Peters Church Hall Fund". Thankyou.